Zodiac signs in their infinite wheel on specific landscape and colors.


21 March - 20 April

Element: FIRE


Lucky color:

All shades of RED

Lucky gem:



Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Ambitious, Generous, Courageous, Sincere, Sensitive, Industrious



ARIES represents a search for self through activity that reaffirms existence as an individual, set apart from the rest of the crowd. Aries experience and understands the world from a totally subjective position and judges all that is presented for consideration entirely from a personal perspective.


There is a constant need to test the limits of selfhood by taking the initiative whenever the opportunity arises and by engaging in competition with other individuals. For this reason, Aries is seen as the sign of the sports person and soldier.



21 April - 21 May

Element: EARTH


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Trustworthy, Self-Reliant, Practical, Steady, Persistent, Cautious, Domestic, Careful




TAURUS represents a search for self through an instinctive understanding of the physicality of life. There is a need to experience reality through the sense of touch.


Taurus does not rush at anything without forethought, or decide on a course of action without first being sure that it will work out as expected; once the course is decided then the bull will steadily follow it to conclusion. Equally, Taurus is slow in forming opinions; again, once the opinion is formed it is almost impossible to shift it. This is the quality that gives Taurus its reputation for stubbornness.


GEMINI (Twins)

22 May - 21 June

Element: AIR


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Ambitious, Intellectual, Active, Resourceful, Diversified, Tolerant, Eloquent, Idealistic




GEMINI represents a search for self through the mental process and understanding the dualistic nature of what is observed and experienced. The Gemini mind is constantly examining the many sides of any situation in order to discover all aspects to gain greater understanding.


Gemini is an intellectual, experimenting with ideas, analyzing data, systematizing information and drawing conclusions. There is an imperative to reason through every thought and experience , which then must be communicated to those in the immediate environment.




22 June - 22 July

Element: WATER


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Tenacious, Intent, Kind, Adaptable, Sociable, Studious, Versatile, Domestic




CANCER represents a search for self through what is felt on an emotional level. In order for any information to be absorbed it must first be intuited and processed through the senses.


Initially Cancer has a problem with being pinned down, scuttling sideways in order to avoid being trapped. The strong need for self-protection ensures that a lot of effort must be made to pierce the outer shell and touch the gentle center. However, once the powerful emotions have been engaged, Cancer embraces with full attachment and then finds it very difficult to disengage.

LEO (Lion)

23 July - 23 August

Element: FIRE


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Ardent, Loyal, Tolerant, Fearless, Inspirational, Magnetic, Generous, Outspoken



LEO represents the search for self through the creative urge and a desire to affect the immediate environment so that it reflects favorably the individual identity of the ego. Leo demands to be seen as a benefice leader, a stable center around which others revolve, much like the sign`s ruling planet, the Sun.


There is a robust and handsome element, and a pride in appearance. Leo is open, loving, warm and generous, passionate about love and intensely romantic.


VIRGO (Virgin)

24 August - 22 September

Element: EARTH


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Thoughtful, Active, Serous, Generous, Moderate, Refined, Intellectual, Faithful




VIRGO represents the search for self through the acquiring of knowledge and practical talents, affirming their validity by putting them to use.


Virgo is referred to as the sign of service; there is an instinctive knowledge that all individuals must operate within a system, using unique talents for the good of the whole. The development of a talent or idea, taking it to its highest potential, is of importance to Virgo - perfection is the goal in any pursuit. Virgo rejects that which is faulty or imperfect, and manifests intellectual skill into a skill of labour.


LIBRA (Scales)

23 September - 23 October

Element: AIR


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Thoughtful, Gracious, Impartial, Compassionate, Modest, Artistic, Affectionate, Refined



LIBRA represents the search for self through active cooperation with another; relationship is sought in order to gain self-knowledge by having a reflection from which an objective point of view is acquired.


Libra has an innate sense of justice and understands the dynamic of giving and receiving. Libra learns and grows by paying attention to the quality of the experience received in relationship with others, continually adjusting behavior in order to create more harmonious environment for all concerned.

SCORPIO (Scorpion)

24 October - 22 November

Element: WATER


Lucky color:


Lucky stone:



Active, Energetic, Tenacious, Pleasant, Positive, Optimistic, Thoughtful, Devoted


SCORPIO represents the search for self through discovering the hitherto unexplored depths of that which is hidden and internal, determining the motivating force behind action and reaction to stimulus from the outside world.


Scorpio is fascinated by mystery and is an excellent detective looking for truth, meaning and the purpose behind all existence. Scorpios are surrounded by an air of mystery themselves, jealously guarding their privacy, rejecting any encroachment of the inner world from the outside. For Scorpio, knowledge brings power, and knowledge of another`s secret brings the power of control.



23 November - 21 December

Element: FIRE


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Independent, Generous, Impulsive, Dependable, Foresighted, Active, Frank, Honest




SAGITTARIUS represents the search for self through activity that reaffirms humanity`s place in both physical and spiritual worlds; it does not limit this search to gratify the individual ego but is inclusive of all people.


Sagittarius is concerned with the philosophy, ideas and concepts upon which human society is built; religion, law, and higher education come under the percepts of this sign.

Sagittarius has a great need of freedom and independence, both physically and mentally, in order to undertake the journeys of body and mind.


22 December - 20 January

Element: EARTH


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Practical, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Magnetic, Diplomatic, Profound, Conventional, Particular



CAPRICORNUS represents the search for self through activity that puts in place the structures and supports necessary to manifest its aspirations and affirm its place in the hierarchy of society.


Capricorn works within the structures it creates and is keen to utilize these as frameworks to achieve solid and measurable advancement upwards. Traditional values and inherited resources are the building blocks for growth in Capricorn`s world.

AQUARIUS (Water bearer)

21 January - 18 February

Element: AIR


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Earnest, Refined, Pleasant, Independent, Sincere, Humane, Unbiased, Patient



AQUARIUS is primarily concerned with thought. Enormous amounts of energy are channeled into performing complex mental gymnastics, which can lead to such a preoccupation with the world created inside the mind that Aquarius often loses perspective of earthly limitations.


Intellectual ability combined with intuitive inspiration makes Aquarius an original thinker, a natural scientist, inventor and innovator.




19 February - 20 March

Element: WATER


Lucky color:


Lucky gem:



Intuitive, Restful, Proud, Loving, Abiding, Receptive, Sympathetic, Discreet



PISCES represents a search for self through internal emotional activity that assimilates and processes al experience of the intuitive consciousness, affirming connection to the source of all life.


Pisces is often referred to as the mystic of the zodiac, with a keen ability to develop the higher spiritual mind. Pisces feels a strong imperative to connect with and become absorbed into something bigger than themselves, beyond accepted reality.

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